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Thursday, January 13, 2005

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The Online Poker Odds

The Odds Be Hanged in Online Poker

You ain’t gonna get me to offer a few words on the online poker odds to catch such and such a card or the online poker odds of winning a pot based on a mathematical law of probability that only a handful of geniuses can work out anyway.

I deal with logic in poker and online poker and odds be hanged because I don’t understand them and most of you reading this ain’t gonna grasp it anyhow.

I give seminars all over the country, appear on radio talk shows approximately ten to twelve times a week, and participate in pay-per-view TV programs on all types of land-based and online gambling. Sports betting is by far my favorite, poker and online poker next, then casino games, and I am quite proficient in all.

What does being so smart at all these games do for me? It cuts my losses, makes me aware of streaks, and allows me to grind out a profit 60 percent to 65 percent of the time. I haven’t a clue what my odds are of winning from a standpoint of measuring my hand against my opponent’s.

You’ll hear many poker and online poker theories. One would be if you have a fair hand in Hold ‘Em such as a KH, QD, and the flop shows IOC, 6D, 6S when you’re the DD, deep in a strong position with all calls in front of you, a smart move is to raise.


In this case, the lousy flop didn’t help you and a strong position doesn’t make up for poor cards. The move is to just drop. It’s poor online poker money management to use your position to make a dumb raise or call, especially when there are five to seven players in front of you.

You’ll also hear some mathematical wizard say he’ll call a bet on fifth street when the pot is heavy with prior raises and his odds of winning have increased because there are no fours showing and his pair of fours has now shifted the odds in his favor.

Again I disagree.

The size of the online poker pot may be tempting but I ain’t pouring good money after that dream, regardless of an illogical thought that my odds of catching trips have increased.

You can’t win every hand of online poker and you can’t stay in every hand if you intend to be successful at poker or online poker.

How I hate that word odds!

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