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Sunday, January 16, 2005

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The Mirror

Everyone Dreams of the Big Payday

I wanna tell you a story and hope some of you will see yourself in the mirror as you apply the underlying message to yourself in the casino.

Everyone dreams of the big payday, but then there are those with short bankrolls who do have the same mentality as the professional gambler and would like to take home a small profit - but they can’t, because:

  • I only played a half hour and I got three more hours to kill
  • I really need this profit, but the dealer and other players will think I’m cheap if I quit
  • I want a comp and didn’t play long enough
  • My wife will be mad at me if we leave early, so I might as well keep playing
  • This is just the amount I hoped to win, but how do I tell the guys back in the office I quit with this paltry amount?

You see all those reasons that shot through this guy’s head? Self-inflicted diseases of the brain, which prevent him from having the guts to use discipline.

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