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Monday, January 17, 2005

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The Mirror

A Hole in the Head

Maybe some of you will remember this picture and maybe you won’t. It’s called A Hole in the Head. It was many years ago and starred Frank Sinatra, Keenan Wynn, and a kid whose name escapes me. If it was a girl I’d remember, but that’s because I’m a dork. Anyhow, Sinatra and his kid owned a motel that was going under. They needed $2,000 to pay the bills until Frank’s brother (Edward G. Robinson) could arrive in town and help them out.

Anyway, Frank meets an old high school buddy (Keenan Wynn) who is filthy rich and spends money like it’s made of cancer and should be given away. On this day, Robinson gives Frank the $2,000 to save the motel, but on the way to the bank Wynn picks up Frank and invites him to go to the track. Frank doesn’t want to admit he’s broke (except for the mortgage money) and goes along. At the track, Keenan Wynn spots the money and tells Frank to put it on number 5. The horse wins and Frank now has $9,000.

“Let it all ride,” says Wynn, but Frank doesn’t want to - he knows he’ll never have this miracle again and this money will bail him out for the year. Sinatra starts to leave.

“Hey, I thought you were a swinger,” challenges Wynn, “you’re gonna accept that paltry amount? You got no guts!”

Sinatra takes it as an insult to his manhood that he doesn’t have the nerve to bet it all. I call it stupidity but what do I know! Frank lets it all ride and you know the results (it happened in the first part of the movie). He blew it all and was devastated.

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